Technical knowledge of gadgets has become necessary in today’s world, as the world is taking a new and pretty forward turn towards a more advanced era due to this pandemic. People started to work from home, considering safety. The education system is pioneering, and teaching is wholly inclined into digital platforms. As a result, gadgets like smartphones and laptops have become a compulsion. And as for students pursuing higher education, Laptops have become a more viable and ideal choice.

 Before considering any laptops for your children, a parent should know about the best available options in the market and also about the requirements of the laptop their child should have according to their field of study, another salient detail that should be contemplated is the life of the gadget as this tool might also be used for their job after studies. The lifespan of a gadget is always above four years, and it should be kept in mind. 

Now, let’s explore what type of laptops should be taken into account or more precisely, on what basis do we distinguish laptops?




Laptops can be divided into these three groups, according to their use the first type of Laptops are normal ones with basic features and standard screen size of 14″ inches, these kind of laptops are by and large used by students, however, professionals and students who study coding have to switch to other pro types.

The next assortment is coding, laptops which are used by coders, which at least should have a screen of 15.6″ inches, the backdrop is that these can be more pricey than normal laptops, but they are worth the money we spend.

 The last laptops are sorted based on their excellent performance,  laptops based on performance can be expensive than others, these kind are generally used by editors, animators, and people who work in the field of advanced technology. 

These are the various levels of laptops based on their use then again laptops can also be assorted on their price, and the features of these will be according to their price, 

Laptops which range in between 20,000 and 30, 000 comes with a specific set of features which cannot be outdone, that is the screen will be a standard size of 14″ inches with 4 GB RAM, which might also affect the performance of the laptop and coders cannot use these variations of tools. So, the perfect price range will be 30, 000 to 50,000, which holds a variety of laptops with much potential and lifespan.

Few things are indispensable while purchasing a laptop for your child, always prefer the metallic body over plastic body, because the plastic body has less life compared to the metallic body. Another significant factor while choosing a laptop is that the processor must be at least of i3 8th gen because the performance might be affected if its lesser gen. try to avoid touch screen, as they have high maintenance. The laptop must be of 1 terabyte and should have a webcam and OS like windows 10, which is not necessary but is useful. 

Below listed are a few laptops available in the Indian market with the features mentioned above:

1, Apple Macbook

Apple Macbook

this one is pretty lightweight and is listed under the laptops with better performance.



this specific laptop has an i5 8th gen processor, which is a highly recommended processor.

3, Acer aspire 5

Acer aspire 5

this series is known for its battery life, which provides up to 8 hours of continuous usage.

4, Dell Vostro 3490

Dell Vostro 3490

this particular laptop has an i3 10th gen processor which is the latest one available in the market.

These are the most basic guidelines before purchasing a laptop.

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