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Laptops are one of the most important electronic devices today. It is used on a daily basis. From Office goers to school kids, it is used by people of different ages for various purposes. There are various companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Apple that launch new laptops every year according to the diverse needs of people. With the advancement of technology, various new features are being added to these laptops to make it more effective. With numerous laptops in the market, one needs to be very careful while buying a laptop. There are several factors that one should keep in mind before purchasing a laptop:

  • The size of the laptop – Laptops come in various sizes from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. One should keep in mind how they are going to use it. If one needs to constantly travel with their laptops, it is better for them to opt for smaller ones like HP. Dell which have a 13 to 15-inch size range. If laptops are required for editing purposes then bigger laptops are needed. With size, varies the weight of a laptop. Lightweight laptops are obviously easier to use.
  • CPU – The most important part of a laptop is its CPU. It is the processor on which depends the performance of a laptop. The speed of the laptop depends on the CPU. The various Intel Core Processors like core i3, i5 are used in regular laptops for daily use. For a better performance, one can go for i7 and Intel i9. AMD Ryzen is now used in various laptops; it is good for moderate work and is quite cost effective.
  • The quality of the screen – Be it a touchscreen or a normal screen, good screen quality is essential. One has to look at their screen for hours, so a good screen resolution is a must. Photographers, Editors should opt for the modern 4k resolution laptops for a better screen display that has proper light and color.
  • The quality of the keyboard – Keyboards which have a clear layout and smoother functioning tabs are necessary to work fast in a comfortable manner.
  • Storage –    Hard disk drives of 500 GB is required to store all the information. For videos, large files, and documents a lot of storage capacity is required.
  • Battery – Laptops with high battery life is one of the key factors for the proper functioning of the laptop. Batteries and their longevity should be checked before buying a laptop. 
  • 2 in 1 laptops-They are detachable and bendable that makes them quite useful. It can be used both as a laptop and a tab.
  • Operating Systems – Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS are the most famous operating systems. Windows are commonly used and is budget-friendly. For greater performance, one should go for Mac. It totally depends on your preference and budget.
  • Space for USB Ports – Laptops should have at least three ports as it is very essential. The sizes and width of the ports should be checked to avoid hassles.
  • Sound System – Laptops are generally considered to have bad sound quality. If a laptop is used for video recording and other documentary purposes, then the sound system offered by the laptop should also be checked.
  • Brand – While choosing a laptop, one should opt for the branded ones like Asus, Lenovo HP, and MAC. Laptops from lesser-known brands often turn faulty. 

Lastly, buying a laptop totally depends upon your budget and choice. If you are low on budget, then laptops from HP and DELL are your ideal choice. MAC laptops are quite expensive, but their quality is unmatched. So, considering these factors, choose a laptop that suits you best.

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