Tablets vs. Laptops: which is the right choice for students?

In this day and age, the slightest advantage can tip the scales in your favor, especially when it comes to studies. Online studies, interaction, and solutions to pick out a few require technology, considering these problems; a question arises: which one’s better for students, a laptop or tablet?

Granted, both are innovations stemming from the same technological tree, but there are subtle differences.

But no worries, we are here to help!

There are a few factors which aid us in making a choice:

  • Convenience

This one’s quite easy: tablets are generally quite easier to carry on our travels, especially if we live in a crowded environment. Comparatively more compact to a laptop, tablets can slide into your packets! Most laptops require a bag and care; however, they come with an inbuilt keyboard, which isn’t the same for tablets.

Considering the hustle and bustle of student life – the tablet is a clear winner here.

  • Cost

Let’s face it, ‘cost’ determines our choices when it comes to buying tech.

Conventionally, laptops are more expensive than tablets, but their worth is nuanced. Although laptops come at a higher price, they perform faster and are more powerful. If a student is required to work on heavy and taxing software, then a tablet might leave you disappointed. Laptops are more suited for the job!

Grueling study sessions on online platforms and long hours of editing software like Adobe require more processing power!

 However, the tablets aren’t as way off as we might think. Depending on the work and costs, a tablet might be suitable as well.

To assess the requirements of your studies! If it requires heavy amounts of work and power – go for a laptop.

On the flip side, if it’s comparatively lighter and not as taxing – pick a tablet.

So take in your choices!

  • Storage

It’s not much of a competition here; laptops come with more storage to save your work and entertainment. Tablets lag in this aspect.

  1. Saving notes
  2. Recording lectures for later revisions
  3. Space for presentations and projects
  4. Installing new software for different purposes

All of the points as mentioned above pick out a clear winner – a laptop.

Laptops are generally available with a storage capacity of 500GB to 1TB, while it’s tough to find a tablet offering beyond 250GB, including external SD cards.

  • Application

Are you a college student?

Are you buying for your child for their school days?

Chances are, these questions determine your choices. Middle school students require considerably fewer amounts of technological applications compared to college ones.

Online classrooms and study sessions are remarkably different between school and college. Later periods of schooling and college require a more complex application and power, so laptops should be preferred!

The camera is also an essential factor – tablets are better in this regard, but we must take the whole picture into account.

  • Conclusion

It’s a tough one, but we’re picking the laptop as our winner! It carries more power, storage and is adequately accessible. All in all, it’s a more suitable and better long term choice.

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