Top 10 laptop for Kids

The modern era has converted the world into a world of digital technology. It has become an era of gadgets. With the coming of the computer and laptop, the whole technological system has changed. Communication, Business, Education, everything is dependent on these gadgets. 

Laptops are relatively easy to use. The essential point is that they can be carried along while you travel. This makes laptops very necessary in daily life. Laptops are required for students; through these, they access Google Pages. A considerable number of books can be downloaded or studied online. With the help of various apps on the laptop, the software stored helps students in their work. With the outbreak of Covid-19, laptops have become even more essential to students. The online class has forced students to buy laptops. The bigger screen of the computer is much more helpful than the small screens of smartphones.

There are many concerns regarding laptops for younger kids. Parents are concerned about the way their children will use it and cybersecurity. Digital Revolution is coming in the sector of education, and children will have to be provided with laptops. Parents should ensure parental control over such laptops. The best part is that such laptops are not very expensive yet can do a lot of work. 

Here is a list of 10 best laptops for kids – 

  • HP CHROMEBOOK*360 12B (Rs 36000) – HP is one of the sought-after names for laptops. Their latest model HP Chromebook*360 is ideal for kids. 

Specifications –

Storage – It has a storage moderate storage of 64 GB SSD

Processor – Hp offers Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor in this laptop

Display – It has a 12-inch display of 1366*912px

RAM – 4GB LPDDR4 RAM is there.

Speed – The laptop has a moderate rate of 1.1 GHz

Graphic Processor – It has an Intel UHD 600 processor, which fulfills daily requirements.

Weight – It weighs almost 1.35 kgs

Operating System: Google Chrome is provided, which is very efficient for fast charges.

The laptop also provides a Wireless Lan and a Bluetooth 5.0 version.

A Li – on the two-cell battery is provided with a 45-watt AC Adapter.

It comes with a guarantee of one year.

The laptop looks promising; HP has always provided world-class value for money laptops.

  • LENOVO IDEA PAD S340 (Rs 64000 approx.)– Be it a laptop or smartphone, Lenovo always gives HP tough competition.

Their latest model, Idea Pad S340, is affordable and ideal for kids.

Specifications – 

OS – It has the latest Windows 10 Home

Display – A moderate display of 14 inches 1920*1080 is provided

Processor – It is powered by 8th Gen Intel core processor or AMDB Ryzen

Memory – A vast space of 256 GB is offered

Weight – It is a bit heavy, 1.69 kg

Graphics Processor – Up to NVIDIA GEFORCE MX250

This laptop combines Idea pad 330 and 330s and is ideal for office workers and students.

  • ASUS VIVOBOOK S14(S431FA) (rs 55000 approx)– The latest Asus’s latest model is very user-friendly, having the latest features and design.

Specifications – 

OS – Windows 10 Home

Display – 14-inch 1920*1080

Processor – Intel Core processor 5

Weight – 1.4 kgs, can be easily carried

Dimension – 18*323*213

Graphics Processor – it has an integrated Intel UHD graphics 620.

  • ACER ASPIRE E5 – 575G (Rs 25000 approx.) – Acer has recently upgraded its features. It is budget-friendly and thus suitable for kids.

Specifications – 

OS – Windows 10 Home

Display – 15.6 inches 1366*768

Processor – Intel core three 6th Gen

Memory- 1 tb/4 GB

Weight – 2.23 kgs

Dimension – 381.6*259*23.9

Graphics Processor – NVIDIA Geforce 940 MX

 The heavyweight might be a problem; otherwise, this laptop is value for money.

  • Asus Vivobook X541UA (Rs 32000) – This laptop is ideal for students having a lower budget.
Asus Vivobook X541UA

Specifications – 


Display – 15.6 MP

Processor – Intel Core 7th Gen

Memory – 1 TB / 4GB

Weight –1.9 

Graphics Processor – Intel HD

The machine looks sleek and performs well.

  • HP 15 (Rs 55000 approx.) – If the budget is on the higher side, one can go for Hp15, which comes with a full HD display.
HP 15

Specifications – 

OS – Windows 10

Display – 15.6 inches

Memory – 256 GB SSD

Weight – 2.04 kgs

Dimension – 376*246*230

Graphics Processor – Intel 620 Integrated Graphics 

  • HP Chromebook 14 (Rs 27000) – Students having a shoestring budget can for this laptop.
HP Chromebook 14

Specifications –

OS – Chrome 

Display – 14 inches

Processor – Intel Celeron N3350

Memory – 1.54 GB

Graphics Processor – Intel HD Graphics 500

The laptop is meant for students who do not require a lot of specifications on their laptops.

  • Dell Vostro 3590 (Rs 35000 approx.) – It is a good laptop having all key features
Dell Vostro 3590

Specifications – 

OS – Windows 

Display – 14 inches

Processor – Intel 10th Generation 

Memory – 4 GB

Graphics Processor – Intel UHD Graphics.

Such features with a low price range is an excellent deal for students.

  • LENOVO IDEA PAD D330 (RS 31000 approx.) – The Dell Idea pad has several ranges. Idea Pad 330 is best for students.

Specifications –

OS – Windows

Processor – Core i38130

Memory – 1 TB

Graphis Processor – UHD graphics 620

Display – 15 inches

It is a laptop with compact features.

  • Dell 3401( Rs 36000 approx.) – Another Dell model, which is value for money.
Dell 3401

Specifications – 

OS – Windows 10

Processor – Intel Core 10th Generation

Memory – 4 GB

Graphics Processor – Intel UHD

This model is suitable for everyday use. The price is also less than the other Dell models.

 Buying a laptop depends upon budget and needs. One should do proper research before purchasing a computer.

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