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Tablets that are long-lasting and cost less than 50,000

A tablet, as a product, can have a number of advantages over a smartphone. Its larger monitor makes watching videos and playing games more convenient. It is also ideal for those looking for a tablet to read books, video chat with relatives, or do some job. You’ve come to the right location if you’re hunting for the best budget tablet in India. You won’t have to pay a lot to get these.

Wish you could find a tablet with the best battery life, but can’t make out what’s missing in all these specs? Then take a look at this page, where we’ve compiled a list of 10 tablet devices with exceptional battery life – they won’t run out of juice as soon as you’ve opened a few apps, played a few games, and completed a few tasks in less than 4-5 hours.

In this rundown, we focus not only on battery life but also on other important aspects of tablet computers. We have an excellent choice for you on this page, regardless of the reason for which you need a tablet.

Galaxy Tab A7 LTE Samsung (Rs 21,999)

Galaxy Tab A7 LTE Samsung

A7 LTE has a Snapdragon 662 chipset with 4G LTE support from Samsung Galaxy Tab. The smartphone is equipped with 10.4-inch FHD, 3GB RAM and runs on Android 10, with Samsung’s One 2.5 skin. On the back and 32GB capacity there is also an 8MP camera, which can be extended to up to 1TB. There is a big 7040mAh battery and a USB Type-C cable is used to charge.

Idea pad Lenovo D330 (Rs 23,999)

Idea pad Lenovo D330

The Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core Processor with no 4G LTE Support and Wi-Fi only features Lenovo Ideapad D330. The computer has a 10.1 inch HD, 4GB RAM display and 128 GB of capacity, which can be extended to a maximum of 256GB. The Windows 10 Home is running. The Ideapad D330 has a 5MP camera back and a 2MP camera front too.

A USB Type-C cable charges a 5,080mAh battery. The Ideapad D330 also has a USB 3.1 Type C port and two USB 2.0 Type A ports on the communication tablet.

M10 FHD Plus Tab Lenovo (Rs 19,999)

M10 FHD Plus Tab Lenovo

The MediaTek Helio P12T chipset with 4G LTE support is included in the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus. The computer is equipped with a 10,3-inch FHD, 4GB and Android RAM 9. The back of the 8MP Main Camera and a 5MP Front Camera are also available. It has 128GB of capacity, which can also be expanded to 256GB. The big battery is 5000mAh and charges with a cable of USB Type-C.

Smart Tab Lenovo Yoga (Rs 20,999)

Smart Tab Lenovo Yoga

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 4G LTE support chipset is available on the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab. The computer has a 10.1-inch FHD screen, 4GB of RAM and is running on Android 9. The back of the 8MP Main Camera and a 5MP Front Camera are also available. It has a storage capacity of 64GB, which can be expanded to 256GB. A large 7000mAh battery is available which charges through a USB Type C cable.