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When your laptop dies when you are in the midst of some critical work, it’s a nightmare. On the internet, there are various methods to increase battery life. Turning the brightness down, decreasing the screen resolution, and downloading various battery optimizing apps. People try to follow various methods that often turn futile. In the beginning, laptops used to come with replaceable battery techniques. The new age laptops have a sealed battery technique which makes the longevity of batteries essential. Laptops of various companies and their batteries differ from one another. So, we should be very careful while choosing our laptops. But, there are some common tips and tricks that can be used to save battery life on almost all laptops.

Don’t let your laptop battery die too soon
  • It is very essential to know how a battery works in a particular laptop. In the power setting mode, hibernation mode is available which can be used when the laptop battery is totally dead.
  •  While starting to work on a new document, one should be aware of the other programmes running in the laptop. For better battery life, we should close those apps and programmes which are running simultaneously.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be switched off when they are not required. It saves a lot of battery life.
  • The Battery Saver option in Windows 10 and the Power Nap option in MacBook helps in saving battery.
  • Laptop batteries are mostly made of lithium so, it should not be charged for long periods.
  • One can improve their batteries by upgrading their batteries to an SSD. This makes the battery long-lasting.
  • With the use of integrated graphic chips, the battery lasts longer than the Nvidia or AMD chip.
  • Browsers like Opera and MS Edge can be used for a much better battery life.
  • The laptop should have enough RAM to store information. This ultimately helps in the smooth functioning of the hard disk  thus, saving battery.
  • Various other common methods like lowering of screen brightness, turning off keyboard backlight, and minimizing the visual effects can also come in handy.
  • External power plugs can always be used for extra battery life.
  • Turning on the Aeroplane mode also helps in reducing drainage of battery life.
  • In the recent laptops, we can track the temperature of the laptop. The battery management settings help in tracking the battery health of a laptop.
  • Various apps like Facebook and Instagram burns a lot of battery. Such apps can be deleted and can be simply assessed with the help of a browser.
  • Checking and refreshing for new emails burns a lot of battery. One should refresh less frequently to save battery life.
  •  Best performance of laptops can be gained by Disk cleaning and Memory Optimisation apps.
  • Every laptop has around 500 charge cycles. Use of charge cycles decreases a batterys’ capacity. So, save your charge cycles.
  • Every few months, if it is possible, you should take the batteries out and clean it.

  • Batteries should be regularly charged. If the laptop is not used for a long period of time, the battery tends to die.
  • The one common thing, laptop should be kept away from warm places and kept in cool places for proper functioning and saving of the battery.

It totally depends on the user; how they use their laptop. By following the above methods one can protect their laptops from getting drained out too fast.