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Lost your Mobile?

Smartphones have become the most important aspect of our digital entities. We check our e-mails, stay connected through social media platforms, make notes of important information, and pay our bills using our smartphones. It can be quite unnerving if you lose your phone. Your phone holds a truckload of personal information that can be exploited for a bunch of nefarious actions in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Here are some of the things that you should do to find lost phone:

  • Call your phone:

Well, this is one of the easiest things to do in case you lose your phone. You could always ring your mobile by using another mobile. In case your phone is on silent, you could still give it a try. Phones do tend to vibrate loudly if they are on a hard surface.

Alternatively, you could also override your phone’s ringer settings using another mobile and sound an alert.

In case the person who has your phone answers your call, it is your lucky day! But, why should the person who has your phone return it? People these days expect something in return for the good they do. If you want your mobile back from the person, you will have to possibly offer them a monetary reward.

  • Track last phone through App:

These days, installing various third-party apps that help you find your phones if misplaced is quite common. These apps allow you to stay connected to your friends or family, create groups, and allow them access to your location.

The iOS smartphones have a “find my phone” feature pre-installed that allows anyone who has access to your iPhone’s iCloud account to track your phones’ location. This feature helps locate your phone even if it is offline. In case you misplace your phone, you can easily login to your iCloud using another device and track your phone.

Similarly, the same feature is known as “find by device” in android smartphones and works in the same way.

However, there are also many of you who download third-party applications like Cocospy or Life360. These apps pretty much work in the same way the “find my phone” app does.

You can log in to their website, fill in your login information, and track your smartphone yourself. These apps also give a 2-day location history that makes it easier to locate your mobile.

In addition to these features, the apps also allow you to:

Remote lock your lost phone:

The present digital ecosystem has made it possible to secure your data even when you are away from your phone. You can access your mobile through your carrier’s mobile and log in to the tracking app and lock it. While you’re at it, you can also change the passwords for your e-mails, social media, and financial accounts.

It has become extremely easy to secure your important data with just a click of a button. Wipe data off your phone:

The auto-backup feature on all smartphones is quite a boon. In case you misplace your phone, you can easily access your cloud through a carrier’s mobile phone and wipe off all data from your mobile.

This is one of the most secure ways of preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands. Time is of the essence when you lose your phone. Once you realize you don’t have your phone with you, immediately erase all your confidential data from your phone by logging in to the app from another phone.

Be it an iOS or android device, the track through app feature will not disappoint you. Install any of the apps that help you track your phone and you will not be sorry.

An international mobile equipment identity number is a 15-digit unique number that is found in every smartphone. The IMEI number is used by the police to track your misplaced phone.

Even if another SIM is used to make a call, the IMEI number helps the police track your phone to the exact or nearby cell phone tower.

Once again, time is of the essence when you lose your phone. Without any delay, approach the police and have them block your phones’ IMEI number as a preventive measure. This will prevent a thief from changing the IMEI number of your phone.

However, the police only intervene and track your mobile using the IMEI number in case it is a high-profile case. If you are unable to erase the important data off your phone or unable to access it through third-party applications, only then will the police intervene and help you out. Tracking using the IMEI number happens very rarely.

Once you find your phone, you can have your IMEI number unblocked legally and use your smartphone. The track IMEI feature has truly helped tons of people find their phones without any hassles.

The cop@vsnl.net was an excellent initiative that was undertaken by the Chennai police. However, this id now ceases to exist. In case you have lost your phone and was planning on writing to cop@vsnl.net, don’t waste your time. Instead, approach the police directly and register a complaint.

. Report in Lost IMEI’s database

to report in database of lost IMEI’s click here and fill details

Now that you know what to do when you lose your mobile, here are some of the preventative measures that you should take in case you ever happen to lose your phone again in the future:

  • Back up your smartphone:

It is essential to store your data someplace safe in case you ever lose your mobile phone. You can easily save a local backup file on your computer that includes necessary information such as contacts or messages. Backing up your phone once a month could save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

Alternatively, you could also back up your data onto the cloud using the auto-backup feature on your phones.

  • Lock up your smartphone:

Smartphones these days provide you with numerous ways to lock up your phone. Use a strong password or a biometric lock. Your fingerprint as a lock is the safest option.

Set a complicated alphanumeric password that is hard to crack in case you lose it.

  • Find my Phone:

Based on the type of mobile that you are using, your phone is sure to have a “find my phone” or “find my device” option. Regardless of the brand, you are using, it is essential for you to turn on this option on your smartphones.

It is best to ensure safety beforehand rather than being sorry in the future, right? These are just some of the precautions that you must take to make it easier to track your phone in case you misplace it in the future.  

Securing your smartphone starts well before it is stolen or lost. Losing your phone can be quite worrisome especially if it has fallen into the hands of the wrong person. However, the above measures will definitely help you find your phone. With advanced technologies such as “find my device” and “track through IMEI”, tracking lost phones has become simpler.