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Five easy ways your smartphone can help prepare you for a competitive exam

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming so popular in exam preparation. You can study whenever you are able to manage some time from your tight schedule while travelling or having lunch. With the help of smartphones, learning is becoming more interesting in the educational field. Students can visualize each and every concept and learn at their own pace. In this era, competition in the entrance exam like engineering, medical, management, civil services, etc., is growing at a fast rate. So, every student should improvise every hour while preparing for their exam. Learning through mobile applications are the most useful and is one such option that makes learning easier and fast. Here are some innovative ways through which your smartphones can help for competitive exams.

Interactive sessions through YouTube

Youtube channels can help you in preparing for competitive exams even while travelling somewhere. It is the most convenient way of studying. Many educational centres provide a live session of many government exams. Students can easily learn various topics on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, computer etc. through interactive video sessions. You can relax at home and study the same syllabus under the guidance of expert faculty instead of paying heavy amount of coaching institutes. All the users can access it anytime so that they can manage their time accordingly. 


You can access ample of information that can be gathered through e-books. E-readers and e-books applications can help you prepare for the exam. It can save a great deal of time and effort to collect resourceful information. It is also an affordable application of learning for life. Students can also get constant updates about their exams dates, syllabus, pattern and more. It will surely give you a good time as they have made their ways into our lives. You can save your multiple books and favourite quotes. Some applications and websites even allow you to publish your own books.

Online practice through Mock tests and test series

Mock tests and test series are available in an online format which helps you adapt to questions transition. You can attend them anytime and anywhere; you just need internet connectivity. You can review your performance and identify your weak and strong area and accordingly enhance your performance. 

Multiple mobile applications 

There are various mobile applications such as Dailyhunt, The Hindu, Vedantu, Gradeup, Prep Guru, Pocket Aptitude and many more. These applications can help you in the preparation of various competitive exams which will let you study and practice at your choice. The convenience of these mobile applications benefits students and educators alike. These apps help you to prepare your exam and reduce stress for different competitive exams as well. So, one should have educational applications for keeping themselves updated for competitive exams.

Create and Share Documents

You can create and share important documents using applications on smartphones. When it comes to assignments and projects, spreadsheets, word files and presentations are important. These documents are easily accessible and get automatically save in your drive. You can use it for creating notes. 


Mobile technology simplifies the effort to collect information from various online sources and allows you to crack an exam in the very first attempt. Your smartphones will work wonders in getting you a top score in your exam. These ways will help you to save money and time so that you can learn more and more for free.