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Is One Plus Better Than The Rest?

OnePlus has slowly but surely cemented its place amongst the stalwarts in the smartphone industry with amazing releases in the past few years. The company has delivered on all fronts whether it be software or hardware aspects, with the relentless innovation in smartphones landscape it is tough not to acknowledge the significant dent that OnePlus has made in giving the usual flagships a run for their money. Serving as a testament to its prowess are the arrival of other companies into the smartphone industry in an attempt to establish their star. OnePlus did upset the apple cart and the established powers had to pull up their socks to avoid being left behind. 

With many going for OnePlus series as their prime, high profile smartphones the question needs to be asked- Is OnePlus better than other Android phones? 

Many would say yes and there are reasons which vindicate that answer

  • Price

Despite coming at lower price than Apple or Samsung, OnePlus has always sported better hardware and the latest in tech. One of the main reasons many go for OnePlus as their upper end smartphone is because of the lower price with the iPhone in general costing a fortune. 

  • Flagship Title

OnePlus was introduced and marketed as the ‘Flagship Killer’ with its title also holding weight, considering the sheer amount of people swayed by its specs and hardware, which come at a low cost and provide the same if not better performance than other usual ‘flagships’. 

  • Hardware

Another testament to their prowess is the inclusion of another RAM which significantly reduces the time between switching apps and provides remarkable improvements in performance. Samsung picked up on that in its latest releases and if that doesn’t paint the picture of OnePlus’ impact then we don’t know what will!

  • Aesthetic

OnePlus has always delivered on the aesthetics as well sporting beautiful designs with immaculate hues and vignettes. By simply holding the phone, you’ll be left wondering why the phone costs so less than the other major flagships.

  • No Frivolous Apps

Another crucial thing to note is that OnePlus phones don’t come with the usual ‘cluttered’ apps that other flagships sport. You don’t have to wade through a plethora of apps to get through to your phone which isn’t true for a lot of others. It was only in 2018 with the release of the OnePlus 6T, that OnePlus started selling it’s phones with T-Mobile leading to it carrying a couple of the latter’s apps. But even those apps are quite innocuous when compared to the rest. 

  • Advancements

At first, OnePlus lacked a few features sported by other smartphones such as wireless charging but even that has been rectified with the OnePlus 8 Pro being the first OnePlus phone to support wireless charging, sporting a speed of 30W which means that the phones will charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes!

  • Flaws

One recurring issue has been the Android updates but that holds true for several other phones, with the Google Pixel being the only one receiving swift updates on regular intervals 


All in all, OnePlus has changed the landscape of smartphones by providing the very best at a reasonable price. With immaculate performance year in year out, it’s tough to look past OnePlus as the best high end smartphone out there. Others may boast the prestige or rely on years of credibility but OnePlus has paved the way for other companies whilst giving their rivals something to think about. The company has paved the way for others to produce spectacular smartphones without costing the customer an arm and a leg. Without a doubt, OnePlus has married amazing technology with affordable prices and we think that has duly answered the question posed above!