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The new Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 had already created a buzz before its release. Now with its launch on 1st September 2020, it has proved to rise to the expectations of people.

After a long wait, Samsung finally released the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 on September 18. The features and specifications of the phone has grabbed the attention of all.

Impeccable features of the Samsung Z Fold 2:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsung’s latest launch as a flagship folding smartphone. This is set to be a premium powerhouse, multifunctional smartphone. The generation 2.5 hardware makes the phone even more desirable. This build makes it better than the previous galaxy folds.

On the front, when the fold is closed it has a 6.2-inch display.  On opening it up you get a 7.6-inch display on the inside. The 7.6-inch display also has an inch dynamic AMOLED internal display with a 120-hertz refresh rate. It has the latest snapdragon 865+ processor along with a 12GB RAM. The internal memory is of 220gb.

The foldable display uses an ultra-thin display that is thinner than a strand of human hair. SAMSUNG claims that the display will remain flexible in high or low temperatures. The display itself is pretty much edged, the bezel is significantly smaller than those seen in the previous folds.

The gap between the folds when closed has been reduced, preventing dust and debris from getting into the screen.

The battery is a 4500mAh joule battery, that is the same as the original Z fold. Samsung also claimed that it has restructured the smartphone to enhance durability. The hinge is the key which makes this fold line more special. Samsung called this unique feature the hideaway hinge. It’s a series of mechanisms involving CAMS and brushes to help stop the dust and debris from entering into the mechanism. The Z fold 2 can tilt to any degree just like the previous Z flip Samsung smartphone.

It has a triple rear camera set-up; the primary camera is 12megapixels for standard photos. It also has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, 12-megapixel Telephoto camera along with an LED flash and 10-megapixel front camera.

The features and outlook of this phone has stunned the world!

So, what makes this version different from its predecessor?

  1.  In the new Z fold 2, the screen displays are bigger on the inside and outside. With an enhanced display quality, this upgrade was a much needed one.
  2. There is no longer a camera notch when you open the fold. The front-facing selfie camera is now just a hole punched design on the inside and outside.
  3. The bezels themselves are also so much smaller on the new fold compared to the original fold.

These features are truly commendable for a foldable phone. Although a little pricey, this smartphone is definitely worth your money. Samsung has claimed that this smartphone is the shape of the future. This proves to be very true as the Samsung Z fold 2 gives high competition to other smartphone brands. With such tremendous specifications and overall sleek look, Samsung has proved to be a game-changer in the smartphone world.