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5 trending smartphones to gift your mother in 2021


The smartphone has become a necessary device to own in today’s time. The majority of people prefer to keep themselves updated with the latest available smartphones in the electronic industry, thus giving your mother a smartphone that possesses cool features as well as is easier to use is sure to add glow to your mother’s face. Let us explore a few of the senior-friendly smartphones that you can look out for to gift your mother:

  1. iPhone SE 
5 trending smartphones to gift your mother in 2021

It is lightweight and available at the price of 40,000 INR.  The computational power of the iPhone SE compared to iPhone 8 is much better, as it comes with a powerful A13 Bionic chipset.  Since the iPhone SE can be sync with the iPad, your mother can enjoy doing facetime with her loved ones using the bigger screen of an iPad. Thus a smooth transition can be done with either of the devices by your mother. It makes it one of the user-friendly devices to choose from as a gift.

  1. Moto G8 Power Lite
5 trending smartphones to gift your mother in 2021

Available at just a cost of 12,000 INR, this smartphone is one of the best to give to your mother in 2021. It has a simple user-friendly interface and 6.5 inches display screen. With all the basic features and a battery life of around two days, this handset deserves to be in the category of smartphones for your mother.

  1. Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a

Imagine getting a quality camera that can capture low light images at a price of just 30,000 INR. Google Pixel 4a, is a smartphone that offers that. Also, it is a light-weight phone with a 5.8-inch display screen, that your mother can easily carry and take her kitty party pictures with. With the storage of 128 GB and a camera of 12.2 MP, this camera is going to impress your mother for sure.

  1. Jitterbug Smart2
Jitterbug Smart2

With a simple user-interface and emergency response feature, which can let your family members track your location, this 5.5-inch smartphone can be included in your options of smartphones. The best spec of this smartphone is that it is a hearing aids compatible device, therefore in case of a senior member wishes to use this phone with their hearing aids, they can use it easily.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The long battery life of 9 hrs, Gorilla Glass 3 cover that makes it very durable, 6.5” OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, and 6 color options to choose from while buying it, makes it an attractive smartphone to gift to your selfless lady.



Thus, we can get a summary of the recommended smartphones that can be searched for this new year to gift your mother. The above list gives suggestions for both iPhone as well as non-iPhone users, to buy their favorite phone to bring smiles to their mother’s face and celebrate the new year with beautiful memories that will last forever. These user-friendly smartphones are for sure going to simplify your mother’s experience with using smartphones.

Smartphone for 9-year-old

When it comes to buying a smartphone for kids, parents are always worried. Kids are vulnerable to cyberbullying, which can lead to severe physical and mental stress. Children cannot differentiate between right and wrong. As a result, they often fall prey to dangerous sights. They google search contents not meant for them and even have FB and Instagram profiles. As a result, parents are sceptical about the use of smartphones. In the world of technology, the importance of smartphones can’t be denied. Working parents need to keep a check on their children with the help of a phone, online class; project works everything has to be done with smartphone only.

So here is a list of phones which are considered safe for kids below the age of 10 to use

NOKIA 3310:

NOKIA 3310

It is durable and has high battery life. It does not have a browser or any kinds of apps. It is only called a purpose. It has a radio. Kids will not be able to spend a lot of time playing online games. It is affordable at the same time.



Vtech KIDIBUZZ: kids cell phone: It is specially meant for kids. Parents can have access to it. Kids can only search for restricted content as approved by the phone.

Palm mini phones:

Palm mines
Palm mini phones: They are quite handy and easy to use. Google Play is available on this phone.



Jitterbug flip cell phones:

Jitterbug flip cell phones: The battery life is excellent; the keypads are quite significant. The Internet can be accessed through it. Children and older adults both can use it.



IPHONE 7 – It is one of the most advanced phones for kids; it has critical features and will help in various purposes.

Monique kids Smartphone:

Monique kids Smartphone

Monique kids Smartphone: It has the features of an android and iOS. Kids can only see contents after parents approve. It can be linked to parents’ phones.

Nokia 6:

Nokia 6

Nokia 6 – It is also a hardy phone that has a finger lock protection. Phone usage time can be controlled by it.



MOTOROLA MOTO G5 – It has a Bluetooth and audiobook system with many other additional features. It also has a finger lock system. They are making it ideal for kids.

Relay Screenless Phone:

Relay Screenless Phone

Relay Screenless Phone – The Relay has GPS and walkie- talkie technique. It can connect to Wi-Fi networks and has a parent app.

Xplora Go Clip:

Xplora Go Clip

Xplora Go Clip: There are multiple Xploras, of which the Go Clip is the simplest and cheapest. The carabiner hooks and enables parents to track their child’s location via a smartphone app. Safety Zones can notify a child’s place.

Nokia 105v5:

.Nokia 105v5

 Nokia 105v5 – It is a very cheap phone. It’s similar to the Nokia 3310, but this is 2G. It can only be used for text and call purposes. Snake game is also available. It has good battery life.