Are Airpods Better Than Bluetooth Headphones?

Apple has never been one to hold back on innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology has been a cornerstone if not norm for the company since it’s very inception. With each year acting as a testament to the tech giant’s prowess and stature, you would be remiss to doubt Apple’s relentless drive for progress and ingenuity. 

It is impossible to wax lyrical about Apple without mentioning it’s recent ventures. Clearly standing out of the rest are the Airpods. Airpods are tactile and easy to carry but are they worth paying the big bucks? What makes them better than the rest?  Has the allure of Apple products overshadowed the Airpods’ flaws?

Fret not, we are here to give you a clear picture!

Security for Loss

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way- the Airpods are cordless so there’s a high possibility of losing either one or both of them. Indubitably, that is one of the main concerns associated with buying them with customers apprehensive of running around in fear of misplacing them. Apple has quelled these fears by stating that you can buy a single Airpods incase you misplace one. However a caveat to that is if your warranty has run out then that one replacement is going to cost you!

Although you can lose bluetooth headphones as well, their size makes it pretty tough! They may not be as portable but they are easy to keep track of. 


Airpods are as convenient as they come, with the immaculate ease of just slipping them down your pockets and pulling them out, it’s tough to argue with the convenience. Suitable for all occasions and quite inconspicuous compared to usual bluetooth headphones. Once they are put on, you don’t need to fret about them falling out say, in the middle of a jog, saunter down the road or quick workout. Compared to that, a bluetooth set might hinder you during activities and certainly feel out of place in an event or conversation. And let’s not forget, their bulkier frame makes it imperative to carry a bag. Also bluetooth headphones are heavier compared to their Apple counterparts. With that in mind, the Airpods do achieve a handsome victory. 


Now this is the big one, Apple products don’t come cheap. All of their products come at an exorbitant price and the Airpods are no different. A single pair will drag you back by ₹14,900 and that does make your eyes roll. In the case of bluetooth headphones, the price depends on what you want. There is a whole wide range of prices based on brand, quality and comfort. With a variety of models and prices on the table, it’s tough to give the Airpods a win considering they come with a fixed price

Sound Quality

Well, this is subjective. There is no case for Airpods providing a sublime sound quality or being any better than average earphones. However, if you’re a connoisseur of Apple products then do go for those Airpods otherwise it’s wiser to look elsewhere, especially if you’re an audiophile seeking spectacular sound quality. 


Having said all that, the prestige associated with Apple doesn’t come for nothing and they are efficient in the cause. If you’re going for outdoor convenience – jogs, workouts, recreational activities then the Airpods will certainly do the trick. However, if the price puts you down or seeking amazing sound prowess then feel free to explore the wide market for other headphones. You’re spoiled for choices so choose wisely!

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